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New Product Finds-Reviewed!

February 10, 2013

Hey everyone!!

Today’s post is not going to be typical…it’s more of a review. A product review. Usually I like to tell you guys about products that I love and can’t live without…I feel that with GF foods, it’s nice to get a flavour, texture, and consistency review before purchasing, since there are so many out there that are suuuuuper gross. But today I will talk about two products: one that I LOVED, and one that I really couldn’t stand. Hopefully this review will save you guys 1-time 2-gagging and 3-money! Disclaimer: these are my personal opinions. They are unsponsored, and simply my impressions of the products. So, here we go!

So… to start with. The product that I loved!! Backstory: I have some pretty cool friends. Friends who see GF/Vegan products and, thinking of me,Powerplant Fruit Bar pick them up for me to try. Isn’t that so sweet?! We all know that GF foods aren’t cheap. And it’s really nice to be thought of and remembered. :) So, recently one of my best girlfriends gave me two bars that she found while grocery shopping. They are RAW, VEGAN, GF, organic, and just delicious! The brand is PowerPlant. I tried the Coconut one (reminded me a bit of an Almond Joy!) and the Fruit one (which I loved but my friend didn’t). If you like the taste of raisins/dates, you’ll probably like the Fruit one. Both were coated in a semi-sweet cacao coating. I couldn’t find a website for them (there seems to be another brand with the same name!) but I did find their facebook page! I would say that if you are new to healthy eating, try the coconut one first! But I loved both. And the fact that they’re made locally? Win!

Now on to the product that I didn’t like. I should start by saying that I am not a ‘chip person.’ But the other day I was headed into the city for an appointment, and though I usually pack food, I forgot. So there I am: on the open road, tummy grumbling. Nothing ahead of me but long highway. Nothing behind me but…long highway. I became a bit worried. I started rationing my agua (more due to lack of facilities than actual survival, but still!) and trying to recall my list of edible plants. But what luck! In the distance, I could see a gas station! Not ideal, but it would suffice!

As I pulled up, I felt a bit uneasy. It was one of those old, delapitated, sketchy gas stations. You know the type. Dusty, deserted, tumbleweeds blowing by. Like in horror movies? Yep, that was pretty much it. Inside was much worse. Nothing fresh or perishable in sight. I actually blew the dust off of a few products to check the ingredients. What’s a celiac to do?! I began walking dejectedly up and down the aisles, praying for a miracle. It was out of sheer desperation that I wandered into the chip aisle. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw this bag. Popcorn Indiana Chipins. Hmmmmm. Gluten free, you say? 100% natural, you say? Reasonable calorie cost, you say? Sold! What was the actual cost for this, you might ask?! $7.55. Yep. You can feed a third world child or an adopted panda bear for a week for that! :s I cannot explain my actions in paying this ridiculous price for a bag of chips. Hunger makes people do ca-razy things.

ChipinsThey had just one flavour…buffalo wing. I haven’t ever had a buffalo wing. In fact, I’ve never eaten anything from a buffalo (high five if you get the reference!) But seriously, I have no idea what buffalo wings taste like. I hoped it would be a hybrid of All Dressed and Barbeque. No such luck. I opened them, and could tell instantly from the smell that they were going to be repulsive. And they were. Also, despite the fact that they had a full TWO days left on their expiry date (this place DOES have fresh food after all!) they were suuuuper stale. I can’t say for sure whether the flavour was tainted by time as well. I may just not be a fan of buffalo wing flavour.

I’m not usually a complainer. So you gotta know how awful these must have been. Despite their supposed expiry date, they were not fresh. Or tasty. Or worth $7.55 (personal opinion-no chip is!) I actually wrote to the company to explain this quality issue. Hopefully it was just a one-time thing, and not the norm for this company. I will let you know if I hear back from them.

So, hopefully these reviews help you to make some educated choices in terms of what’s good and what’s gross in the gluten free world these days!! And definitely let me know if you have found any stellar or less than amazing gf products lately! :)


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